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Sweetea is leading small scale  Food and beverage manufacturer in india. We sell 75+ varieties of Tea, sweetener,Ready to cook food products,Ready to mix Juices and related Accessories

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Made with love from India

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We believe in the magic of preparation... You can make just about any foods taste wonderful by adding herbs and spices.. if so why not TEA... We bring you the magic by dissolving differences in raw black tea leaf, ginger, Cardamom ,Pepper ,Star anise, Cinnamon and clove in a single cup of your tea as ”Precious masala chai”, the fragrance of spices, the wafting aromas..! –surely it will just sweep aside our depression, tiredness and you name it as its brand “Precious

Precious Masala Chai 70gm

₹180.00 Regular Price
₹162.00Sale Price